Miami Beach is fast becoming one of the top vacation destinations for families and travelers alike. Miami Beach offers sun, fun and a variety of activities to choose from. No that you have decided to vacation in Miami Beach, it is time to choose the hotel that you will reside in for your vacation. With a plethora of hotel options how does one pick the perfect Miami Beach hotel? A good way to choose a hotel is by the amenities that the hotel has to offer. One of the biggest disappointments that I have encountered is getting to a hotel and expecting a service that the hotel does not offer. With all the travel tools that are available on the web, you can do a little research before you go to make sure you get what you want. Listed below are what I feel are the top 5 amenities that a hotel can offer to you and your family to make your accommodation choice perfect for you.

#1 Amenity – Beach Access and Pool

When you are in Miami you are there for a reason. Chances are you are there to have fun on the beach. Many hotels in Miami have beach access right at the hotel. While some don’t, chances are there is a beach not far, usually within walking distance from the hotel. When it comes to beach access, determine how much time you will be spending on the beach, and how long you want to travel to get to one. Another consideration is cost. Hotels that have private beach access tend to be more expensive than hotels that don’t.

When choosing a Miami Beach hotel, consider whether or not you would like the hotel to have a pool, and make sure that the pool is open. Hotels do go through renovations and sometimes they don’t list whether the pool is open while you are there. It can ruin a vacation if the kids want to go to the pool and you find out it is closed due to renovation while you are there. A hotel may list that they have a poll on their website, but it is still a good ides to give the hotel a call to make sure the pool will be open while you are there.

#2 Amenity – Onsite Dining

While it is nice to experience dining outside your hotel, sometimes vacationing can make you tired and you may not want to leave your hotel. When choosing a hotel, check to see what kind of dining options the hotel offers. Some hotels offer only 1 or 2 choices for dining, while others offer an assortment of options. Many of the hotels offer fine dining in the evening so it might be good to check on what type of attire is suitable for this type of restaurant.

#3 Amenity – Spa and/or Health Club

Many Hotels today offer an onsite spa or fitness center. If you are looking to pamper yourself while you are on vacation, check into these choices. While some hotels offer onsite spas and fitness centers, others offer affiliate programs. These programs offer discounts to nearby spas or fitness centers. A lot of times when a spa is offsite the hotel will provide transportation. It is still a good idea to check with the hotel to see what they do and do not offer in regards to a spa and health club. Many hotels also offer spa packages or specials that are included in the packages, so check into this and save some money by booking it all together.

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